Even the most expensive equipment, installed in the correct location, will not behave properly if the room has poor acoustics.  When designing any speaker system to be permanently installed in a space, room acoustics is an important consideration.  It can be difficult to apply proper acoustics in existing structures, whether cathedrals or large modern spaces.  In such cases, certain speaker systems can adequately cover a room with little or no acoustic treatment.

Another common acoustic issue rises in meeting rooms with large wooden support beams that absorb low frequencies.  This makes it almost impossible to use sub-woofers.  Modern technologies have provided means of correcting these acoustic anomalies by using computer testing equipment and measuring sound energy in rooms.

What we do:

  • Acoustic measurements and design
  • Consulting with architectural design team for aesthetics and functionality
  • Room Tunings:  Speaker management processing using computer measurement software to equalize the speakers to the room.  (Additional equipment sometimes required.)

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